Wednesday, July 23, 2014

pallet framed chalkboard

You might remember my awesome chalkboard from my Farmer's Market post last week:

Well, my sweet hubby made that for me after I quickly sketched it out on a piece of scrap paper with some rough estimations on the size I wanted (I think my exact words to him were, "Yeah, about 4 x 3'? Well, unless I want it to sit on the table, maybe it should be smaller? But it can't be too small, cause then there won't be enough room to write. I don't know, what do you think?" Helpful. right?). We happened to have a scrap piece of plywood exactly 4 x 3' in the garage, but after examining it I decided it needed to lose 6 inches on the side and top. Cause I have to make everything as hard as possible.
Then I measured off 6 inches all the way around and painted inside of that, first with two coats of leftover "oops" paint, then two coats of chalkboard paint. I didn't even bother sanding it first since I knew the paint would help fill in some of the imperfections on the wood.

Once the paint was completely dry, Mike just arranged leftover pallet boards (all but two of the boards on this were leftover scraps from my son's wall!) and worked at it until everything lined up correctly. I gotta say, I really appreciate his hard work making sure that all the boards looked good and were spaced nicely on there!

I had originally planned for it to be able to stand on its own, like a sandwich board; but Mike just screwed a small piece of 2 x 2" on the back and it locks into place on one of our saw horses, genius! Plus, it will be easy for me to hang this gorgeous pallet framed chalkboard on a wall if I ever decide to!

Monday, July 21, 2014

make-your-own pizza party

A couple of weeks ago we invited a few other families over for a make-your-own pizza night.
You know, 'cause I'm not busy enough.
And I will for sure not be "complaining" to my husband about not having enough time anymore, because, as he so sweetly pointed out: "Well, you like to add stuff to make yourself busy. I'm just saying."
Okay, here's the thing. I don't love to be busy, I don't believe in the glorification of busy. I don't! But, I do know that if I didn't push myself to do things sometimes then I would just sit around at my house and be the most anti-social, boring person ever. I like hanging out with friends and I like seeing my kid having fun playing with their friends. So sometimes I get busy and want to rip out all my hair. No biggie, I've got lots.
So anyway. This pizza night. It turned out pretty fun! I mean, things could have gotten pretty crazy with 11 little kids in my house but everyone seemed to have fun and the pizza was yummy.

I made a simple pizza dough and separated it into 16 balls, then did an initial flattening with a rolling pin. I stuck each one between parchment paper with some cornmeal sprinkled on the bottom. I always use cornmeal on the bottom of my pizza crusts and calzones! I also made some easy pizza sauce, and some garlic alfredo. To keep things clean on my counter I laid down a roll of Kraft paper and labeled everything with a sharpie (the same thing I did for my kid's birthday party last year).  I had asked everyone to bring some of their favorite pizza toppings, so we had quite a variety! We were able to cook 4 at once in our oven, so it gave the kids plenty of time to play, and the adults plenty of time to chat and eat salad.

I printed up a little menu with all the yummy toppings we were going to have, and I also found {this} cute coloring sheet that I put out. But the papers were quickly forgotten once all the kids started running around the house like little hooligans. :)

 This is definitely a fun dinner to plan with friends!

Friday, July 18, 2014

my first farmer's market

So, as I mentioned in {this} post, I had my first stall in a Farmer's Market this week and it was an awesome experience.

Before I say anything else though, I've got to thank some people (like I'm at the Academy Awards baby). Of course my husband for his support, thanks to my friends for helping with kids, thanks to Cheryl with Baskets of Love (Check out her Facebook page! Beautiful handmade fair trade baskets from Africa!) for being a great neighbor and helping keep my little one happy, thanks to Aubree with Jardin del Rio (Here is their Facebook page if you're local!) for being so friendly and holding my baby while I cleaned up a bit, I'm sure that was rough for ya ;), and thanks to everyone that came out and chatted with me or bought something!

Check out that beautiful sign my sweet hubby made for me; my son's wall was the inspiration for that one and it will be a future how-to post for sure!

I don't have the rest of my dates yet, but I've already restocked my hair bows and onesies in the hopes that I can avoid the last minute stress I experienced last week. I have some new onesie designs I'm excited about and I'll have some new product as well! As soon as I do have dates, I'll post them on my "Purchase" page.

This "Locally Grown" design is one that people seemed to really like, and I even had a special order for two of them. I dropped them off last night and they'll go to their new home (a set of twins) this weekend. I had quite a few people chat with me about special orders and take my card; I love special orders so feel free to email me!

This is how little lady spent much of the time, trying to stay cool in the shade with ice packs. She really was a good girl, and such a cute little model for one of my all-time favorites--the California silhouette onesie.

Speaking of which, I saw this picture show up in my news feed on Facebook the day after the market:

Photo: Jessica and Hector! Met in SF, perfect I think. Twisted it so you could see the baby bummy stamp "made in CA". ❤

Totally surreal seeing something I made being shared by a customer online. :)