Monday, October 20, 2014

my Swapoween show-off!

My Swapoween package finally arrived (no thanks to USPS... just kidding ;)) and my kiddos were SOOOOO excited to see that box on our front step, my little dove couldn't wait for me to "get the scissors so we can cut it open!"

When I saw all the awesome goodies that Aubrey had packed in there I was a little nervous that my package might not have been up to par. But anyway...
My most favoritest thing that I opened from the box chock full of Halloween awesomeness was this cute little elixir bottle. As soon as I unwrapped it I ran over to my mantel and stuck it up there. I have seen things like this and it's the perfect example of an item that I have always wanted to have, but would never buy for myself (my husband's frugality is slowly rubbing off on me).

My two older kiddos were stoked about these cute little rings, in fact, my little miss took hers to bed with her at nap time.

She included lots of seasonal treats that I can't wait to make some yummies with. I've been wanting to try all these items; and she must somehow know about my husband's love for all things bacon. :)

I was also really excited to see all these fun things to make various Halloween treats with: a silicone pancake/egg mold, silicon pumpkin tray, and silicon vampire teeth ice cube tray. I've mentioned on this blog a few times that my husband is a dentist, but it's not something I go on and on about so I'm not sure if she knew that; so I think it's perfect and I know he'll get a kick out of it!

There were also lots of fun things for the kids and I to enjoy together. A big pen, stickers, and who doesn't like PEZ? My kids also loved pushing the center of the 'Trick or Treat' sign because it makes noise.
Thanks for that Aubrey. ;)

And finally, I got some colored bulbs (some of my favorite things to have for Halloween and I haven't bought this year yet!), a HUGE reusable shopping tote from Marshall's, and cute disposable hand towels that I put in our guest bathroom.

So, the verdict on my first blogger swap? Completely wonderful. I enjoyed opening that package even more than I had though I would. And my kids loved it too! I can't wait to participate in another swap!
Thanks so much Aubrey! I hope you like your package as much as I liked mine!

Go check out Chaotic Goddess Swaps to see all the goodies people hauled in!

And be sure to head over to High Heeled Love and see what I purchased with Aubrey in mind! But, before you do, check out the fun questions I sent her and see if you can guess where my inspiration came from:

1. Best way to spend a crisp October day?
     a. baking in the kitchen, filling it with the aroma of fall: apple, pumpkin, maple...
     b. snuggled up on the couch watching a scary (or not so scary) movie
     c. buried under the covers in my nice, warm bed and sleeping, duh
2. Quick! You have about 30 seconds to raid you neighbor's/nieces/nephews/strangers candy haul. You quickly grab all the       ___________ you can find!
3. Pumpkin pie or caramel apples?
4. The Halloween color scheme you like to decorate in:
    a. black and white... because it's more streamlined and sophisticated
    b. green, purple, orange... it looks like a clown's nightmare over here
    c. orange and black... traditional all the way
    d. red... blood, guts, and gore!
5. Finally, what's your favorite Halloween tradition?

Friday, October 17, 2014

yard update... ish?

This year for Halloween I think we're going with a post-apocalyptic decor theme for our yard.
We'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

I think I liked it better before we started ripping stuff out. And experiencing the worst drought in decades hasn't really helped either. This is probably the worst before and after in the history of blogdom:
Yes boys and girls, the second picture is the before picture... back when everything was green(ish). Makes me wonder what was so wrong with it.
You know, other than the fact that from every angle other than the one above it looked like a big old mess.
Also, some advice for anyone working on yard projects; if you're considering planting Juniper... don't.
We finally have it all cut down so we only have the lovely roots sticking out, which hopefully will be gone by the time Saturday is over.
So now you can actually see our house... which I'm wondering was really a good plan. 

You would not believe the massive pile of green waste we have in our yard, even after three runs to our green waste parcel.
There were 10 Juniper plants crammed in there. 10! Somebody really loved Juniper.

So, lest you think that all your favorite bloggers are perfect and their houses and yards are always immaculate and they finish projects faster than you can say Juniper... rest assured, we're far from perfect, especially me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Primary Singing Time: pumpkin game

This pumpkin game was a fun activity that I did with the kids in Primary last year the week before Halloween. Bonus--it's pretty easy to put together and would be simple for a sub to implement as well. Since the theme for last October was missionary work, we mostly did missionary type songs, but obviously any songs would work.
I just marked the ends of some suckers different colors and then stuck them in a small pumpkin. Then I called one reverent child at a time to come pick a sucker, and each color matched up with a song to review.
It's amazing how something so simple can be so much fun for the kids! Of course, at the end of Primary I gave each child that didn't get a turn a sucker as they were leaving. :)